Executive Room

Our executive rooms were designed expressly to provide all the comforts sought by the intrepid business traveler . We offer a wide range of high quality services, private breakfast, newspapers, magazine and more.

Hotel in-room amenities include

*  Double room for both single and double occupancy *  Air-conditioning
*  2 telephones *  LCD TV with satellite channels
*  Mini-bar *  Writing desk
*  Chairman Conference Unit *  Delegates Conference Unit
*  Fully Audio System *  Recording System
*  Luxurious Meeting Rooms Furniture *  Overhead Projection
*  Meeting Folder *  Stationery
*  Meeting Notes Paper with Hotel NweTha Ki Logo *  Multiple Choice of Tea Break and Snacks Menu with value price
*  Multiple Choice of Lunch Menu from European Foods, Chinese Foods, Asian Foods with reasonable price *  Floral Service If Required with Surcharges
*  Back Drop Installation and Backdrop Wording Arrangements with Surcharges *  Complimentary Usage for Linen and Stage Usage
*  Complimentary Usage for Audio Visual System *  Complimentary Refreshment such as Candies, Cold Towels, Ph7
*  Excellent Display and Arrangement for Function Rooms Set up by Skillful Personnel of Hotel NweTha Ki *  Laser Pointers
*  Indoor and Outdoor Country Flags for Respective Country *  VIP Treatment and Welcome Banner and Signage if Required

Square Feet :

360 sq..ft - 10 Rooms